Favourite photo- Liverpool International 2007

I love photographs. I love this photograph. That moment, that feeling, impossible to reproduce, captured in film forever.  I only have to glance at or think of this photo I am transported back in time to Summer 2007 with a smile.

I had qualified for the Liverpool International a grass court tournament and legends exhibition held a week before Wimbledon. It was a fantastic but surreal few days; I shared a limo ride with Bjorn Borg, got put up in a swanky hotel and recorded my first (only!) top 100 WTA singles win. In between all this it rained a lot and I pestered Pat Cash until he gave me one of his famous black and white chequered headbands.

Two things this photo doesn’t show are 1) the photographer, my Mum swooning over Bjorn Borg whilst trying to attempt to get me and my eldest brother Andy into shot. Digital cameras were still a bit of a technological novelty to my Mum. 2) The fact that Andy had taken a day off work to come and watch me compete, cheering loudly from the crowd.

This is the only photo I have of Andy and I at a tennis event and it captures the joy of the day brilliantly – more than any words I can find. It is a photo that has become even closer to my heart this week.




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